37 Inch Inseam Yoga Pants

37 Inch Inseam Yoga Pants – By far one of the most practiced exercises by millions of women around the world, yoga is a useful wellness therapy that is popular for its ability to promote cardiovascular health. It also improves nuclear energy, promotes psychological well-being and helps users to lead a healthy and productive life in general without having to spend large sums of gym and equipment.

37 Inch Yoga Pants are incredibly hard to find!

It has always been hard for me to find yoga pants. While some stores wear long pants for jeans and pants, it is almost impossible to find longer yoga pants. The only store I have found (at least in my area) that actually sells long yoga pants is Target, but I can not always find them and they do not have many options.

But I still love yoga pants. They are incredibly versatile, comfortable and sexy. Whether they are used for yoga classes, exercises, errands or just for those leisure days, they are perfect for many occasions!

Believe me, I’ve been looking for yoga pants that fit my larger frame for a long time, and FINALLY I found some that are long enough for me and also decent enough.

My recommendation for long yoga pants:

Houmous (S-XXL) Petite/Regular/Tall Length,Women’s Yoga Bootleg Pants Inner Hidden Pocket Workout Pants

I bought this a moment ago on a whim, because many of my yoga pants had reached the point of wear (I use them A LOT). Finally I decided I needed new ones, and after looking for Target without luck, I decided to get those yoga pants.

I grabbed that for a $ 46 deal (which I’m sure will keep her), so I took the opportunity because I thought I would not find it anywhere else. At $ 23 each, I thought it was not too expensive, I knew they would definitely use a lot.

I decided to buy the 37-inch seam because all the reviews on HOUMOUS BOOTLEG website said they “cringed a lot” and that the 35 “were too short after washing them …

Now that my legs are long, I have decided to err on the side of caution and have the option.

Anyway, I personally found the 37 “too long for me (remember, I’m 5’11)

I thought they would be reduced in washing, as everyone said, but they really did not! (However, I wash with cold water, maybe shrink in warm water?)

So, if you like incredibly long yoga pants (or you’re very tall, over 6), the 37 “is amazing, but otherwise, I would recommend anyone looking for a high normal length to take the 35, it’s a lot No I like it when my pants are so long that they drag on the floor because it just makes the funds rip!

I love the cover and the fact that there are so many different colors available! It was very difficult for me to decide, but I decided to be boring and I got the grays and the blacks.

37 Inch Inseam Yoga Pants 2


  • Simple, because you GET BEYOND WHAT YOU PAY FOR!All of Houmous products are made of the HIGH QUALITY material.
  • The prices of our bootleg yoga pants are more competitive with the same products.Trust us, you will LOVE them.
  • Moisture-wicking,breathable,soft, skin-friendly and stretchy fabric provides complete coverage
  • Adapt to different heights
  • Inner hidden waistband POCKET for keys or cards.
  • Versatile-Perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, any type of workout.Great as loungewear.


  • They come in really long lengths, up to 37 “- which may be too long for most tall girls, but for those who are very tall or have very long legs, it’s a great find!
  • They come with a folded waistband that has tons of color options
  • They are cotton / spandex material that I personally prefer for every day (if I do not train in them)
  • They are affordable


  • The material is thin and can easily be altered if you are not careful
  • They tend to “roll up” at the bottom, especially after taking them to bed
  • The normal “black” waistband is a bit strange, I would personally recommend the color option.

Overall evaluation:

HOUMOUS BOOTLEG YOGA PANTS is perfect, with $ 23 and the fact that it is difficult to find longer yoga pants like these, I would definitely recommend them.