Be Present Yoga Pants

Be Present Yoga Pants is a standout, with founders who embody the dream and the clothes that embody the lifestyle. Its innovative design and BreathWeave fabric are a must for yoga and much more: we see people transporting them everywhere, from trails to airplanes, cafes and works of art. And, of course, Downward Dog.

Founded a dozen years ago by Amy Lopatin Dobrin and her husband Jon Dobrin, Be Present is a testament to the comfort and breathability of yoga and lifestyle clothing. For Amy, the beginning of Be Present was a natural, even organic evolution. Like so many, Amy and Jon moved to Colorado to work in the ski areas. Amy studied fashion, hoping to design ski and snowboard clothes until an interview with one of the leading clothing companies made her crave something more calm and less entrepreneurial. Something smaller, more present and more in style, something that was similar to the brother of Amy’s yoga studio recently in Scottsdale, Arizona. The only thing he did not need any less was his yoga pants. She wanted something with this ski dress, something that allowed her to move without clinging to each curve.

“At that time, I used to go to yoga every day in Thai fisherman’s pants and it seemed that most women wore black leggings and men wore torsos, and I wanted to do something that made me feel good about going and leaving yoga. “At that time there simply were no better and brighter options. And so was hope and the concept of Agility Pant born. (And these pants do the rounds: Julia Louis Dreyfus used them in the movie Enough Said, even called her office to talk about that).

Be Present Yoga Pants

But knowing what she wanted and really created were two completely different concepts. Thousands of substances were taken into consideration and discarded. Amy wanted something with stretch and great flexibility. Something that easily transports moisture. Something light that kept its shape without squeezing it. Something comfortable. Something woven. After an endless search, he found a family business that brought his vision a little closer. So he began to negotiate: not only did he want to order a twentieth of the regular supply order from the supplier, but he needed a little more cotton, a slightly different finish and all the chakra colors. Violet, Blue, Yellow, Green and Red to open the world of colors in your yoga practice.

The supplier agreed and Amy and Jon called their proprietary tissue BreatheWeave. Its lightweight, 62% cotton, 34% nylon, 4% spandex has become the staple of Be Present. “I think it’s incredibly unique,” says Gina Caputo, a yoga teacher and Be Present All-Star, one of its brand representatives, chosen to embody the Be Present lifestyle. “And I love that I have the right stretch so you can move freely, but it’s not the typical stretch pants that have so much lycra that fits comfortably, I love being able to use it anywhere, and translate them so well into the world, but my quality favorite because I’m a woman outdoors is that they dry up so fast. ”

Perfect fabric in hand, Be Present introduced its first line in the spring of 2002. Amy’s brother started using it in Arizona, as did Amy’s studio in the district in Denver. Be Present grew organically from there through word of mouth and itinerant yoga teachers. It took two full years (and some very vocal New York fans) to include Black in the lineup and produce yoga for men with the popular Practice Pant. Amy’s husband, Jon, laughs: “Until then I was wearing the girl’s pants!”

Soon after, the production moved out of the warehouse and across the street. Even today, present clothing is made in the neighborhood: the sewing shop is only two miles from the current office, the one-mile screen printing, the embroidery only two miles away. This closeness is part of their philosophy and commitment to local sustainability. The purpose of Be Present, Amy explains, is “continuing education, both for our clients and for ourselves.” This includes including comments from friends and clients on new designs and adding some eco-friendly fabrics.

All this leads to its greatest purpose: to live fully and presently. “It’s about covering all aspects of life, being active, being safe, being healthy and being aware,” continues the brand’s ambassador, Gina Caputo. “It fits in every little aspect of the moment, from the incarnation of each asana to what someone really listens to, not just the movement.
This lifestyle certainly includes yoga, but also community, being active, caring and traveling. Be present The styles have traveled the world, surfing, practicing parachuting and trekking in the Himalayas. Immerse yourself in the versatility and extreme comfort of your designs, whether you’re on a rocky outcrop in the Rockies or assaulting the economy on a five-hour flight. And they come back without effort, always ready for the next adventure.

This is also part of the life Amy and Jon expected when they moved to Colorado. “We love the lifestyle that Be Present offers, we are here every day, we travel to yoga conferences, etc. It is not work, it is a lifestyle full of friends and passion, we are a small family business”, says Amy . “It’s a great business to be there, and we do not want to grow too much or too fast.” They have created a special niche and a small piece of paradise with their unique clothes that are remembered daily simply as present. immerse yourself in the moment, embrace every aspect of life, create space for meaning and enjoyment.

Be Present Women’s Agility Pant, Small, Black

A favorite piece of many of our clients! Be Present’s Agility pants are elegant, unique and very versatile. The pants are slightly cut in length (26.25 “-27.25” crotch) with a low suede, drawstring waist, two patch pockets on the front and side knees. The classic rear slots are long and allow freedom of movement. The agility is made of a thin and light cotton / spandex / nylon blend known as Breathe Weave, which is breathable and durable. The Breathe Weave fabric is woven and has a moderate extensibility, we think it feels similar to the “boardshorts”, but a little thinner (although not translucent) and with a little more elasticity. Excellent pants to teach or practice yoga, hiking, climbing, cycling and more. 62% cotton / 34% nylon / 4% spandex. Available in black and chocolate

  • Great
  • stylish fit
  • Cute back-slits allow for freedom of movement
  • Cute
  • slightly cropped length
  • High-quality
  • lightweight cotton/nylon fabric
  • Great for yoga
  • hiking
  • climbing
  • and streetwear!
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