Blue Canoe Yoga Pants

I fell in love with Blue Canoe yoga pants a few years ago at the Yoga Journal Conference in Estes Park. I purchased one or two pieces, in traditional blue, at a discount… and ended up wearing them all the time. Many years later, surprisingly, they are still… blue! And the cloth is still like new. I really like the feel of the amazingly soft 100 % cotton and the feel of the styles on my body type.

At this year’s yoga convention, I met up with down-to-earth owner Laurie Dunlap and told her that my goal is obviously is to “wear yoga clothes every day. ” Happily, I found that her new (and old) styles encompass not only extremely comfortable yoga wear but additionally a few pieces so stylish you could sports activity them at a business meeting (see her new Button Pant and Clothing on her website). A person can also find complementing, cute dresses that are either informal or dressy.

Not only is every piece made in the USA, each is made of organic and natural cotton, and has been since the company started 14 years in the past. Laurie started as a one-person shop in Humbolt County, Northern California. Exactly where did the name come from? By the lake she lived on, Laurie saw a row of green fiberglass canoes… and one wooden canoe colored blue. That idea amounts up the business beliefs: unique, genuine and dedicated to keeping things on US soil.

Blue Canoe Yoga Pants

From the beginning, Blue Canoe was known for its “un-granola” styles; it was the master of fashionable organic and natural clothing. The office still is located in the redwoods looking onto the lake, nevertheless the styles are as cool as urban San Francisco, where all the clothes are made. It is officially the longest-running successful organic and natural cotton company around.

And, exciting news: Azure Canoe now features a new line of sustainable bamboo sheets clothing. Think super smooth underwear made of bamboo sheets and cotton… it makes you want to toss out your old ones and replace them all (but don’t, wouldn’t be very eco-responsible now, would it not? ). Reminiscent of Laurie’s first designs of a swimsuit (all she wanted while she played volleyball or bodysurfed), they have just enough spandex for mild support, plus are naturally breathable and don’t retain odors.

Blue Canoe Women’s Organic Cotton Yoga Pants

Blue Canoe Yoga PantsThis substantial legging works as a winter tight under dresses or as a workout or casual legging. Fitted to the ankle with a smooth covered elastic waistband.

  • Made in USA, San Francisco
  • Smooth covered latex elastic waist
  • Fitted leg
  • Fits up to 33″” inseam