Danskin Yoga Pants

Danskin Yoga Pants

By far one of the most practiced exercises by thousands of women worldwide, yoga is a helpful wellness-therapy, liked for its capacity to boost cardiovascular health. It also increases core strength, promotes psychological wellness, and helps users to live healthy and productive lives overall without spending hefty amounts on gym subscribers and or equipment. If you enjoy yoga and or looking to integrate it in your everyday workout routine.

Danskin for women is a smooth slim-fitting yoga pant with a low maintenance dark theme that users find interesting. Its quality construction using 55% cotton, 35% polyester, and 10% spandex is comfortable. It is also breathable, supports the thighs and the bottom well whilst doing exercises, and has an aesthetic boot cut design with a wide waistband that really does not dig into the skin. Danskin yoga shorts is machine washable. This is also affordable, has a perfect inseams that do not dig into the skin, and a stylish embroidered logo.

Danskin Women’s Classic Supplex Body Fit Ankle Legging

Danskin ladies’ Yoga Classic Supplex body fit lower leg legging in a dampness wicking texture mix. Highlights a protected elasticized midsection, sans logo outside for adaptable wear, in addition to a gusset inset for included solace and adaptability.

This lower leg gap has the greatest pressure through the hips and legs offering most extreme support for high effect exercises. It has a Coolmax® gusset for stretch comfort.

  • 88% Nylon/12% Spandex
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Our popular, original design for fitness or casual wear
  • Breathable, wicking performance fabric blend
  • Elastic at waist
  • Gusset for comfort and full range movement
  • 25.5 inch inseam


s”Best thing I’ve ever slid onto my body. For years I lived in these old danskin leggings they don’t make anymore, despite a growing hole on the lower thigh. I’ve looked everywhere for the same pair. With summer approaching I finally decided to give another try and go for some Capri ones. SO GLAD I DID. These will be perfect for summer so I’m not dying like last summer. They are the same great material but thinner and cooler. (The other ones were winter thick guys)

Also, they don’t stretch out and get baggy. They will retain their shape if you were them everyday for 4 days straight (hey, no judgment)

But they are not restricting or pressing. Just a perfect snug body contour. Every. Time. You put them on. Oh, and the material is soft!

I dare you to try and wear these out.

Lastly, the crotch is sewn like it should be. Not some awkward V cut that makes your thighs look fat and like you have a weird sag between your legs. It countours to get that thigh gap. Come on let’s be honest. That’s what we are all looking for.

I’m going to get a couple more pairs to have on rotate. These are it guys. These are the leggings you are looking for.” ByJulianne Payneon

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