Eco Yoga Mat Bag

Eco Yoga Mat Bag

Do you like exercising for your health or to about the condition? There many sports and activities that will make you healthy and fit. Yoga is one of the very popular exercises which you know already. In order to do Yoga, you desire an eco yoga mat bag. If you are doing yoga or plan to, these are generally best yoga mat bag so that you can consider. They are absolutely the very good quality Yoga Mat Bags you will like.

Vivafit Yoga Mat Bag

This specific yoga mat bag is made from durable waterproof polyester material, custom hardware and solid zipper. It adjusts to any sized yoga mat and is also functional enough for daily use and stylish enough to make a statement. It also holds more than you would expect due their slim, minimal design.

It boasts a spacious, main compartment for your water bottle, spare t-shirt, socks and undergarments, tie, makeup, and your other essentials; an inner pants pocket for cellular phone, keys or wallet. The shoulder band and mat straps are extra long to fit your height and any mat size.

Eco Yoga Mat Bag

  • THIS COMPACT CARRIER SIMPLY SAVES YOU TIME AND EFFORT . The two extra long straps on the back adjust to your yoga mat size -small, large, thin or thick. And you can quickly fasten and release the solid plastic clips. So no more fussing with trying to get your mat in and out of other bags or struggling with zippers.
  • CARRIES ALL YOUR ESSENTIALS WITHOUT UNNECESSARY BULK. The main zipper compartment is large enough to easily hold all the essentials for your workout such as your water bottle, hand towel, dry shirt, snack and more. Use the inner pocket to store your valuables such as your iphone 7, keys or wallet, and zip it up for extra protection.
  • PERFECT FOR HOT YOGA TO AIR OUT YOUR MAT AND WET TOWEL. Keep your wet mat and towel out of your bag. The waterproof bag keeps your valuables and essentials separate, dry and odour-free.
  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY ON YOUR SHOULDERS, NECK AND ARMS. Just sling it over your shoulder and carry it like a messenger bag or for added comfort and support when carrying your mat, swing it around so it rests on your back. This is especially convenient when you are riding your bike or walking, so your hands are completely free. The extra long shoulder strap is adjustable in length to match your height. Plus it comes with a soft shoulder pad.
  • BUILT TO LAST AND YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. The bag is constructed from durable, stain resistant polyester with reinforced stitching. The PVC coating makes it waterproof so you can go out confidently on rainy days knowing that your gear will stay dry. Last but not least, your bag is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

Mansov Yoga Mat Tote Bag

The space is large enough, you can put any size thick mat or foam roller into this bag. Our special design makes it compact and tight. You don’t have to worry about your wet mat after yoga practice, two ends open design can let air pass through so the mat will dry quickly.

You can easily store your changing clothes inside the internal pocket. There is enough space to store your gadgets. There is separate water bottle compartment. Smartphone can be safely kept inside the pocket and won’t slide out. Warranty time: one year

Eco Yoga Mat Bag

  • Good material – Durable and eco-friendly nylon fabric which can withstand bad environment.
  • Open ends design – makes it convenient and easy to put yoga mat in and keep it dry and odorless, because this bag doesn’t cover entire mat so your mat will stay fresh and clean.
  • Functional – The construction is sturdy with many compartments and pockets, it has enough space to organize all your yoga gadgets, for example yoga mat, towels, yoga straps, wallet, keys, membership cards, smartphones etc.
  • Easy to carry, easy to store – Adjustable shoulder straps that can fit different body sizes and you can carry it as a duffle bag, hand bag, sling bag. String design makes it flexible so can fit most size yoga mats.
  • Clean and tidy – storing it on the middle of bag prevents yoga mat from touching dirty floors or other surfaces.

Silly Yogi Yoga Mat Bag

Keep your mat ready to go anytime with a mat bag. This bag is flexible, spacious. Features mandala print. Adjustable strap and drawstring for closure

Eco Yoga Mat Bag
  • Construction: 100 Percent Cotton
  • Dimension: 28 inches H X 9 inches diameter
  • Adjustable Strap: Upto 42 inches
  • Drawstring for closure
  • Made in Nepal