Hot Yoga Heating System


What is Hot Yoga Heating System?

1. The technology of infrared heating has been praised for its calming effect. This technology does not heat the air directly, unlike convection heaters. Instead, heat the walls, surfaces and objects within reach.

2. The heat is stored and released slowly and evenly in the air, creating a well-distributed heat. One consequence of this radiant heating method is that the air does not dry out and is more comfortable to breathe compared to a convection heating system.

3. In addition, many users compare the effect of infrared heat as something similar to being outdoors in the sun. This can create a sense of health and well-being that conventional convection technologies can not provide.

Product advantages:

1. Up to 70% less cost than central heating.

2. Aesthetically pleasing ultra-thin panel design. High quality and efficiency Safe, clean and silent.

3. No noise or smell. No dust, no allergy or condensation. No moving part is equivalent or does not require maintenance.

4. Wall / ceiling or independent mounting.

5. Protection against overheating, which limits the surface temperature from 85 ° C to 95 ° C.

6. Highly efficient carbon crystal heating element to make a better performance heater.

7. The double insulated design drastically reduces the loss of energy from the back of the panel.

8. These panels are designed for 100,000 hours of operation (up to 30 years).

9. 5 years product warranty. Applied with CE and ROHS certificates.

Hot Yoga Heating System

Product Details:

Product Name Heating Panel
Type ES-W 300W ES-W 360W ES-W 450W ES-W 600W ES-W 720W ES-W 780W ES-W 1200W
Pated Power 300W 600W 450W 600W 720W 780W 1200W
Size(L*W mm) 500*600 600*600 500*900 600*1000 600*1200 780*1000 1000*1200
Thickness 22mm
Voltage 220-230V. 50Hz
Surface Material PET
Heating Element Carbon Crystal
Life Spain 100000H ( over 50 years )
Installation Wall mounted/Celling mounted/Free standing
Applications Bedroom/Livingroom/Bathroom/Yoga studio/Office. ect

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