Hot Yoga Mat Towels


Buying towel to keep you from slipping during hot yoga?

There are plenty of options to select from. Luckily we did the research for both you and narrowed it down to the most notable 4 towels for hot yoga.

What was I looking for in a hot yoga soft towel?

Hot Yoga Mat Towels

  • Sticky / Grippy
  • Durable
  • Fair price

Shania and I have been exercising yoga for a put together 14+ years and have tried out many yoga exercises products.

This guide was designed to make choosing the right yoga towel for hot yoga a breeze! (or at least give you a starting point).

From the end, I will share which towels we use. However depending on your specific needs, all of these towels would work great.

1. Pseudois Yoga Mat Towel

  • Made from 100% microfiber with international technique DTY—soft, absorbent and provides excellent grip for the toughest poses.
  • No bunching, slipping or sliding—you will have peace of mind that your towel will stay in place for the duration of your yoga practice. Apply water for best results.
  • This 24″ x 72″ yoga towel is the perfect size for any yoga mat.
  • Yoga towel is a very useful accessory for yoga, especially for hot yoga participants.
  • No-slips even after multiple washes.
  • Gold Fit yoga towel is permeated with PVC dots, which provide a much better non-slip surface than a plain towel, so you will not worry a sliding around.
  • Super soft, Ultra absorbent
  • Made of 100% microfiber, dries faster than a cotton or polyester towel in sweat absorption.

2. Mangofit – Hot Yoga Towel With Anchor Fit Corners

  • IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH THE BEST HOT YOGA TOWEL: This yoga towel is made to help you elevate your athletic performance and go a step further. Thanks to its microfiber synthesis, its anti slip texture and its anchor fit corners this hot yoga towel will stay flat on the floor during the whole workout session; no more distracting repositioning or bunching!
  • SKIDLESS & ULTRA ABSORBENT YOGA TOWEL: Unlike cheaply made yoga towels or mats, the MangoFit new hot yoga towel is made of 100% microfiber material for extra durability and supreme care for your body. This skidless towel is highly sweat absorbent, ensuring that your hands and feet will remain dry throughout your yoga sessions, for even better balance and perfect poses. Note also that this yoga towel is quick drying, allowing you to practice with comfort and safety!
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: This new yoga towel has a great grip and is long enough to support you in any pose your yoga training may include. Note also that this is a high density non slip towel that protects your spine, hips, knees and elbows from the hard floor while it is ultra soft and plush for your delicate skin. Along with its 4 handy pockets to keep your belongings close to you, this long yoga towel will be your best friend at the gym or studio!
  • HYGIENE COMES FIRST: Unlike yoga mats that are bulky and hard to carry around, this towel with four pockets is compact and lightweight, perfect for everyday use. And the best part? No more sweaty, stinky yoga mats; just use this washing machine safe towel alone or on top of your yoga mat (which fits securely to it thanks to the anchor corners of the towel) and shield yourself against the harmful bacteria that grow in your mat.
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Being so sure about the great quality and performance of this amazing hot yoga towel, MangoFit offers you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE if you follow our guidelines! What’s more? We offer the #1 best new antimicrobial and hygienic hot Yoga Towel with great grip for non slip and 4 pockets, also great for gym, pilates, camping, and beach!

3. Syourself – Yoga Mat Towel for Fitness, Exercise,Sports & Outdoors + Travel Bag

  • SKIDLESS and STRONG GRIP: 100% Microfiber, lint-free, ultra soft and comfortable, fast-dry, absorbent, antibacterial material. Sweating during yoga is inevitable, keep your sweaty hands and feet dry is essential for your safety. Syourself microfiber yoga mat towel can do this for you. Stay firmly in place, which allows you to fully focus your mind and body on the yoga practice. Spray your towel lightly with water at the beginning of your practice for best grip.
  • EYE-CATCHING: Beautiful vibrant colors, stand out from the crowd. Water based print inks, non-fade. Artsy design to add a happy element, motivation and enthusiasm, you could hardly wait to do yoga. Available in 4 trendy style. Really vibrant and eye-catching when you open it in yoga studio. Each style has its particular connotation, check and experience it now.
  • ANYWHERE With YOU: Lightweight, compact and foldable, come with unique microfiber travel bag make it easier to carry. Using this pouch as a phone bag, bottle sleeve or anything you want. Mat-length size, 72” x 24” is the perfect towel for most yoga mat, outdoors/ hot yoga/ meditation/ beach/ cape/ rest towel, blanket.
  • VERSATILITY: Add a protective layer between you and your mat, our hot yoga towel can protect your skin from the harm of bacteria in the sweaty yoga mat, protect the yoga mat, extend its lifespan. Don’t worry sweat your towel, our hot yoga towel is easy to wash, washing machine and tumble dry on low or simply hang dry. Fresh towel everyday.
    BONUS: Your hot yoga towel come with a unique same style microfiber portable pouch, easy to carry and store. Luxury packaging, the latest popular gifts on anniversary, birthday, festival.

4. Limber Stretch Hot Yoga Towel

  • 100% Microfiber Sandwash
  • NON SLIP: High performance machine washable microfiber sandwash fabric grips hands and guarantees no slipping once slightly sweaty
  • EXTENDS MAT LIFE: Provides a hygienic moisture wicking protective layer to reduce risk of germs and bacteria. Great towel for camping, beach, sports and swimming pool!
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & FAST DRYING: Our highly technical fabric way outperforms ordinary cotton towels and typical suede microfiber towels
  • MAT-SIZED 24 x 72″: Perfect foundation to keep your mat dry in Hot Yoga, Pilates and gym exercise classes. No slip to keep you stable in poses
  • FANTASTIC FOR TRAVELING: Attached elastic loop for easy compact travel & multipurpose use. EXCLUSIVE TIE DYE COLOUR RANGE only available at Limber Stretch!


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