Marshall’s Yoga Mat: The Best Yoga Mat On The Planet

Yoga mats – like your purse – can be an extension of your personality. He can say something to you. You can buy a perfectly optimized yoga mat for selling $ 10 at Marshall, or you can buy a rich Shmancy organic rubber for $ 60. At the end of the day, no one will help you work with this headstand or practice yourself if you do not like it.

A problem with cheaper mats is that they consume faster and I noticed that they are somewhat slippery. Traction is incredibly important for a safe yoga practice. Does it mean buying the most expensive one? I do not know anything about you, but if I did, I seriously wasted my qi. Like most things, the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

So when you’re looking for a mat, think about how it’s “sticky”, how thick it is and how long it is. For some it is more difficult to balance on a thicker mat. For extremely high people you might want to buy an extra long mat.

However, do not spend a lot on a mat. It is not a purchase that requires a high level of participation.

Pixels Yoga Mat w/ Bag “Marshall Field Plaque”

Our premium yoga mats are thick 24 “x 72” x 0.2 “thick and are made of industrial standard polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which offers superior comfort when burning this pose. the image printed on top The back and back are black with structured slits for a better grip. Each yoga mat has a black case with a black shoulder belt.

  • 100% Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Floor Dimensions: 24″ wide x 72″ tall x 0.2″ thick
  • Front: Full Color Sublimated Front
  • Back: Black Non-Slip, Dot Textured
  • Packed in black carry bag w/ drawstring