Vimeo Yoga Undressed


Vimeo yoga undressed exercise is an age-old science consisting of different disciplines of body and mind. It has started in India 2500 years ago and is still effective in bringing overall health and well-being to any person who can it regularly. The phrase Yoga is located after a Sanskrit verb Yuja. This means to connect, to culminate or to agree. It is the culmination of brain and body or maybe the conclusion of Jiva and Shiva (soul and the universal spirit). It’s also a culmination of Purush and Prakriti (Yin and Yang).

Vimeo Yoga Undressed

The term Yoga has a very broad scope. Presently there are several schools or systems of Yoga. Dhyana Yoga (Yoga through knowledge), Bhakti Yoga (Yoga through devotion), Karmayoga (Yoga through action), Rajayoga (Royal or supreme Yoga) and Hatha Yoga (Yoga by balancing opposite principles of the body). All of these schools of Yoga are not necessarily very different from each other. These are rather like threads of the identical cloth, entangled into one another. For thousands of years, Yoga has been appeared after as a powerful way of self-improvement and psychic enlightenment. All these systems essentially have this same purpose; only the ways of obtaining it are little different for every of these. In its most popular form, the term Yoga exercise has come to associate with the last of these systems which is Hatha Yoga. When it comes to this article too, the term Yoga can be used with the same which means. Although, when it comes to Philosophy of Yoga, which is at the end of this article, the term Yoga will have a broader scope.

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This video was made for educational purposes. As the ANATOMY of a YOGA POSE can be experienced much better by viewing the body NAKED, this series is done in the NUDE (in the ancient Indian monk tradition of the Naga Sadhu style of yoga).

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