Yoga For Back Pain Dvd

I’m pretty sure that if you suffer or have suffered from back pain, you will have to repeat a few hundred times that “you should do yoga.”

It makes sense: backache and yoga are often associated because thanks to the practice of specific asana and tailor-made sequences, it is possible to stretch, elasticize and strengthen the muscles and skeletal components of this area of the body, favoring the reduction of pain, improving posture and preventing the onset of symptoms.

In addition, doing yoga is good in the back because thanks to the practice it is brought new nourishment to all spine vertebrae, which do not have a blood supply, but receive nourishment through the physical movement. In practice, the more we move and the better we breathe, the more our back thanks!

What you most likely did not know is that if the back pain you suffer is of traumatic origin, yoga can also help you with a mudra.

The mudra, or “gesture” or “seal”, are an easy to use tool, always at “handy” and that it does not cost you anything to use.

Features of the mudra for the back

This mudra is particularly effective when back pain is not a chronic condition but is the result of sudden effort, unprofessional sporting activity, or bad posture held for too long.

I recommend you run it especially at the beginning of your backache, for example when, due to a day spent in an incorrect position, you begin to feel pain or tension in the lumbar region.

Although this mudra is recommended for cases where back pain is not a chronic condition, its practice has no contraindication, and the suggested position to maintain mudra is very effective to fight backache … so we stand to try even if your back pain has already become an annoying daily condition.

As always, remember that yoga works well and works … but it does not make immediate miracles. Surely in the immediate future you will feel a sense of well-being, but to achieve lasting results over time, the key ingredient is constancy.

How to perform the mudra for the back

Before “taking the mudra”, dedicate a minute to rub your hands as if you were washing with soap. In this way it increases blood circulation in the hands and as a result the mudra will be more effective.

Done? ok we continue …

So far I have talked to you about a single mudra, although in reality the mudra to perform is two: one for the right hand and one for the left, and they must be executed at the same time.

  • HAND RIGHT: Contains the tip of the thumb, middle and little finger. The index and the annular are loose.
  • LEFT HAND: it supports the index fingernail at the base of the upper ankle phalanx. Fingers form a kind of circle.

Remember that in order to practice mudra the ideal would be to get in a comfortable position with crossed legs and with your back straight … but as usual my advice is to run it on all occasions where you have nothing to do, like on the plane or the doctor.

If mental predisposition is the correct one, you will get benefits even if you are not sitting on the mat.

Yoga For Back Pain Dvd

To increase the effectiveness of mudra, the ideal would be to do it by lying on your back and leaning your legs over a chair for 20 minutes.


This did not expect you, huh? Yet what your mind displays during the execution of mudra is equally important to the position of the fingers.

What you could do, keeping the mudra of back pain, is to imagine being in a place that makes you feel good, where you feel particularly comfortable.

You are alone – or in the company of people who give you strength and make you feel happy; you are engaged in an activity or sport you are enthusiastic about.

If it is difficult for you to fall into such a reality, it moves the attention to the air you are breathing, the effect that makes you feel it flow naturally and effortlessly through your nostrils.

Try to keep your mind focused at present, leaving your thoughts, day commitments, and worries behind.

He looks at the breath and hears the feelings between the fingers that are in contact.


What your mind repeats is just as important as what it shows.

For this reason, after devoting a few minutes to the visualization or listening to the breath, or both, you can repeat a kind of mantra that says: “My spine is strong, my back is wide and open, I I’m protected and supported both inside and outside. ”

Repeat this phrase with enthusiasm and emphasis as long as you can keep the concentration.

How long is it to be practiced?

The recommended time to get the best results is 4 minutes 4 times a day. However, if this type of commitment seems untenable, do not be scared … initially you can even leave it for 2 minutes 1 or 2 times a day.

Or, in the case of very severe pain or chronic pain, it is best to position yourself with your back and your legs in your chair (as shown in the previous photo) and keep the mudra for at least 20 minutes or until acute pain passes.

It is clear that you do not have to expect that as soon as you join the tips of your fingers, the pain passes by suddenly as by magic. Mudras do not work that way. We need a minimum of constancy, patience and above all confidence.

I understand that we live in a time when we want everything, immediately and possibly effortlessly, and that for this reason to use drugs is much simpler than taking a commitment with ourselves and striving to believe that there are alternatives.

And no one can say this is wrong.

But if you are reading this post it means that you also believe that it is worth keeping away from using chemicals, and that if there are natural remedies for daily inconvenience, it is worth trying.

As for the mudra in the back, you have to have patience and constancy… but the reality is that the investment in terms of time is minimal and is FREE, so in my opinion, it is worth trying to believe.

Yoga For Back Pain DVD

“Yoga therapy for back pain and stress relief” offers simple, effective, and easy-to-follow yoga exercises that help prevent and alleviate back pain and relieve stress.

When we have a bad posture or an injury, the muscles around the area become very weak and tense, which aggravates the problem, which can cause chronic pain. Now you can take action to heal and strengthen your back.

The yoga instructor, Kanta Barrios, focuses on exercises that strengthen and relieve tension in the muscles that are commonly the backbone of the problem. By learning the correct alignment and practicing some key actions, you will develop strength, increase flexibility, balance the experience, and benefit from a strong, painless back. This DVD offers a complete program to relieve back pain and stress.

Yoga Therapy for Back Pain and Stress Relief with Kanta Barrios DVD

  • Introduction (1:19)
  • Heating (9:20)
  • Exercises to open the hip (12:24)
  • Thighs and femoral biceps (12:51)
  • Specific therapeutic exercises for the back (19:37)
  • Bonus: Restoration is intended to induce deep rest and healing (4:14)

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About Kanta Barrios

Kanta had her first yoga experience at the age of six at her hometown, Mexico City. He spent 12 years as a student living in yoga, meditation and philosophy at the Siddha Yoga Meditation Ashram in India, the United States and around the world, traveling with his principal teacher, Gurumayi Chidvilasananda.

He also studied yoga and therapy with some of the leading yoga teachers and yoga schools in the world. In her teaching, she expresses her deep love and gratitude for yoga and her teachers, and joyfully shares her experience and practice for life with her students. He is passionate about yoga, meditation and philosophy therapies. He believes that a constant practice of yoga and meditation with a clear intention can open and strengthen the body, mind and heart and help us improve in all aspects of our lives.

The acclaimed Kanta DVD, Yoga for Beginners, is designed to help people grow strength, flexibility and relaxation.