Yoga Undressed The Beginner Practice

Appear inside and pay honor…

Surrender to your natural, genuine being. Return to innocence, a sanctuary for your spirit where you can cultivate strength, elegance, intimacy and reverence for your own sacred do it yourself.

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A flowing tantric vinyasa practice of yoga combining an intro to kundalini and the essentials of vinyasa hatha yoga, this Beginner DVD AND BLU-RAY will remind you of your joyful, unfettered spirit, as you move from grounding kundalini exercises to sun salutations, warrior presents, standing balances, backbends and twists.

Strengthen and strengthen every part of your system, increase overall flexibility and balance and find peace of mind. Feel more strengthened, energized, and beautiful with every new asana you discover, all done with a heightened sense of consciousness, in your most essential, pure, and natural condition, radiant with one with yourself.
Experience the innate power and grace of your life force and your natural beauty, unadorned and excellent because of it– your inherent freedom and essential aliveness that yoga serves to liberate.